We recruit for the disabled

Our Scope of Services


Placement Solutions:

  • Contingency staff:

Temporary employees that will be deployed at our client for a short-term assignment i.e. replacing a permanent staff member that is on maternity leave.

  • Project specific staff:

Temporary employees that will be deployed on a specific project.

  •  Permanent Recruitment:

We assist clients in recruiting suitable candidates for vacancies. We source, assess, verify information and present candidates to match the job profile.

  •  Response handling:

Clients who do their own recruitment utilise this solution when they require us to fulfil the front-end part of the recruitment process. We will advertise the position assess all responses against the minimum requirements of the clients and present the shortlist of candidates to our clients 

Candidate Background Screening:

  • Criminal Check
  • Qualification Check
  • Reference Check
  • Computer literacy evaluated
  • Psychometric Test and Personality Profiles

 Workplace Evaluations/Site Audits:

  • Are of utmost important and highly recommended. It focuses on the specific recruitment opportunities and any reasonable accommodation of a candidates.

 Assistive Devices:

  • Any equipment, or product that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of persons with disabilities.” These include mobility devices that are designed to assist or improve a user’s personal mobility. The most common assistive devises are wheelchairs, walking aids and hearing aids.
  • Devices that assist people with speech and/or hearing disabilities communicate: communicate on boards, speech synthesisers, and modified typewriters, head pointers, text to voice software.
  • Sensory Aids for Vision/Hearing Impaired Aids such as magnifiers, Braille and speech output devices, large print screens, hearing aids, visual alerting systems, telecommunication devices. Assistive devices are a necessity, not a luxury for people living with a disability. It is essential to select a device based on an in-depth understanding of the individual’s needs, the work environment and the tasks that need to be performed.

Sensitization Training:

  • Providing sensitization awareness for every placement made to employers. This can take the form of a presentation, active group sessions and can be customized to suite your needs.

 Wellness Days and Disability Rights Awareness support:

  • World Glaucoma week
  • Albinism Awareness Month
  • National month of Deaf people
  • Eye care awareness month
  • Eye care screening days
  • World Sight day
  • World Diabetes day
  • Disability Rights Awareness
  • International day of Persons with Disability

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